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India’s most advanced day skin centre, Kubba offers a comprehensive range of world-class diagnostic, therapeutic and management services for common and rare skin diseases and skin ageing conditions.
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Kubba offers the full-spectrum of dermatologic services. Under one roof! The services range include medical dermatology, anti-ageing treatments, plastic, cosmetic, laser and other surgeries, phototherapy, dermatopathology, pharmacy and, the latest skin care products.
Derm Surgery
Plastic surgery
Under the supervision of Dr Dinesh Bhargava, American Board certified plastic surgeon, moles and skin cancers are excised under local anesthesia. Complex plastic surgery procedures requiring general anesthesia are performed at a super speciality hospital. Dr Bhargava offers consultations for esthetic, corrective, and restorative procedures requiring surgery, lasers and injections. More specifically, Dr Bhargava offers consultations for eye surgery (removal of eye bags, removal of cholesterol deposits), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), hair transplantation, tummy-tucks, liposuction, scar revision and breast/all aspects of plastic surgery.
Cosmetic surgery
Botox for frown lines, crow's feet, eyebrow shaping, face contouring, excessive sweating in underarms and palms; Fillers (Juvederm, Voluma, Restlylane, Perlane) for wrinkles, folds, augmentation of cheeks, for contouring the lips, chin etc. and for depressed scars. Chemical peels including glycolic peels, salicylic peels, TCA peels; for blemishes, wrinkles, and rejuvenation.
Electro surgery
Electrofulguration and electrodessication with Hyfrecator for DPN's, freckles, plain warts and skin tags; bloodless surgery for excision of skin cancers and benign growths with radiofrequency.
Freezing of warts on hands and feet with liquid nitrogen; cryosurgery for keloids, seborrhoeic keratosis and molluscum contagiosum.
Acne surgery
Expression of open comedones; electrofulguration of closed comedones; intralesional injections for acne cysts and keloids; Fraxel (fractional laser) for acne scars.
Vitiligo Surgery
Melanocyte transplantation: This is the most advanced surgical method to treat stable vitiligo / leucoderma. The treatment involves transferring the patients own melanocytes in the form of cellular suspension from an area of healthy skin to the vitiligo lesion which has no melanocytes.
Laser Surgery
Laser hair reduction (LHR)
Light Sheer Duet Laser
Laser hair reduction (LHR)
With Lumenis (USA) Super Diode Laser and long pulsed Nd Yag (Cynergy Laser). Procedure is carried out only by experienced dermatologists & not by technicians or nurses.
Fractional laser
Fraxel Laser
Fractional laser
Fraxel (USA) for acne scars on face and torso; for burn scars anywhere; for unsightly injury and surgery scars; for stretch-marks; for facial pigmentations/ melasma; for macular amyloidosis; and for rejuvenation and skin tightening.
Pulse dye/vascular laser
Cynosure Cynergy Laser
Pulse dye/vascular laser
Cynergy Multiplex (Cynosure, USA) a laser combining pulse dye laser (PDL) and Nd-YAG technology. For vascular lesions/ birthmarks including portwine stain, telengiectasia, cherry angiomas, varicose veins, rosacea, red acne scars, red stretch-marks, broken veins & capillaries.
Pigment laser
Revlite Laser
Pigment laser
Q-switched Nd-YAG laser (Revlite by Con-Bio, USA) for Nevus of Ota, pigmented birthmarks such as café-au-lait macules and lentigines; for moles; for melasma and Lichen planus pigmentosus; for tattoos removal, fine hair removal, skin rejuvenation & toning.
UVB Phototherapy
Waldmann UV 72002
UVB Phototherapy
We offer narrow band UVB phototherapy with state of the art Waldmann (Germany) total body machine for vitiligo, psoriasis, mycosis fungoides/ CTCL, and other miscellaneous chronic skin diseases.
Dermatopathology Services at DDG/ Delhi Dermpath Laboratory
Under the able direction of Dr Asha Kubba, American Board certified dermatopathologist, Delhi Dermpath Laboratory has been offering services in skin pathology since 1988. Asissted currently by Dr. Meenakshi Batrani and histotechnologist Ms Prilu Wilson, DDL offers full services in diagnostic dermatopathology and immunopathology.
Routine dermatopathology
For microscopic laboratory diagnosis of complex, chronic, unusual and atypical skin diseases requires a skin biopsy - to be performed by a dermatologist. DDL accepts skin biopsy specimens from outside dermatologists. DDL also accepts skin tissue samples from surgeons and plastic surgeons.

Dr Asha Kubba offers second opinion on skin biopsy slides (on skin biopsies processed in other laboratories).
Direct Immunoflourescence (DIF), indirect immunoflourescence (IIF), for bullous skin diseases, lupus erythematosus; antigen mapping for epidermolysis bullosa (EB); cell markers for T-cells, B-cells, melanocytes, for lymphomas and melanomas; T-cell gene rearrangement studies for cutaneous lymphomas are outsourced to St John's Institute for Skin Diseases, London, and Boston University School of Medicine, Boston.
We have an in-house pharmacy that stocks all prescribed medications and premium skin and hair care products from India and abroad.
ZO Skin Health by Dr. Obagi (USA)
Obagi (USA)
Clinique (USA)
Vichy (France)
La Roche Posay (France)
SebaMed (Germany)
Bioderma (France)
SES Derma(Spain)
Uriage (France)
Wockhardt (U.K.)
IDC (Canada)
UAS (Australia)
Auriga (Belgium)
Nature Bounty (USA)
Aestheic and Anti-aging Treatments
Chemical peels
Fractional resurfacing
Skin rejuvenation and tightening
Permanent hair reduction
Tattoo removal
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Revlite laser sking toning
Thermage CPT
Thermage CPT
Thermage CPT

Aging affects us all – the way we act, the way we feel, and definitely the way we look. But with advancements in skin care, you can have a say in the way aging affects your skin – and maybe even get back to the way you looked not so long ago. Thermage is a proven, unique radiofrequency treatment that can help improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin, giving you a smoother, sleeker and younger look and feel. Thermage works in just one treatment with little down time and delivers a natural looking result. It’s you, just younger looking and more confident.

Thermage is effective on:
  • The Eyes – hooding, fine lines and even our brow line can make us look worn-down. Thermage treats the upper and lower eyelids to help you look more youthful and rested
  • The Face – as we age, phrases like “turkey neck”, loose jowls, sagging skin and “what happened to my jawline?” creep in. Thermage smooths lines and wrinkles and remodels collagen for the overall health of the skin
  • The Body – aging doesn’t just affect the skin on our faces, our bodies see the effects too, with crepey, sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples. Thermage is a non-invasive way to smooth the skin on our bodies and even temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite
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What's New at Kubba
  • Thermage CPT
    Thermage is a proven, unique radio frequency treatment that can help improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin, giving you a smoother, sleeker and younger look and feel. Thermage works in just one treatment with little down time and delivers a natural looking result.
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  • Sesderma - Listening to your Skin
    Sesderma is Spainish dermato-cosmetic company which was founded 25 years ago by a group of dermatologists under the leadership of Dr. Gabriel Serrano. Sesderma has a global presence in more than 50 countries world wide. Sesderma embodies the slogan of "Listening to your Skin" in its spirit by listening to people.
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    The Laboratoire Dermatologique BIODERMA, based in Lyon, France, develops and markets, in close collaboration with dermatologists and renowned institutional research centers (CNRS, INSERM, CHU, Universities), dermo-cosmetic products intended for medical prescription and medicinal consultancy.
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    A smooth gel filler that your doctor uses to instantly smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose. With just one treatment, you'll get smooth and natural-looking results that last up to a year. JUVEDERM® XC is manufactured using HYLACROSS technology, creating a smooth-consistency gel. It is infused with lidocaine to improve comfort during treatment. With JJUVEDERM® XC you get the smooth results you expect, with the improved comfort you want.
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  • Obagi
    Obagi Medical Products, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops, markets and sells proprietary topical aesthetic and therapeutic clinically-proven skin care systems that are designed to prevent and improve the most common and visible skin disorders in adult skin. OMP is the leader in providing therapeutic prescription-based skin care products in the physician-dispensed market in the US and in over 40 countries around the world.
  • Revlite Laser (Hoya Con-Bio, USA)
    A state-of-the-art Q-switched Nd: YAG laser which painlessly removes unwanted skin pigmentations and blemishes, and brown/black birth marks. This laser has been introduced for the first time in India.
The Laser Edge Know More
Kubba clinic prides itself as a provider of world's leading laser technologies utilizing the most advanced and the best equipment in an aesthetic, ultramodern and state-of-the-art clinic. The treatments are performed by accredited expert dermatologists who are leaders in their field and are customized to suit a wide range of patients of any skin type and sensitivity.

The lasers are safe and effective in an all encompassing range of skin conditions like skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing maintenance, laser hair removal, acne and surgical scars, wrinkles, photodamage, stretch marks, tattoos, vascular lesions like thread veins, rosacea and portwine stains, birthmarks, pigmented lesions like melasma and freckles. Our aim is to deliver the highest standards of treatment, within a relaxed, friendly and hygienic environment, helping our patients to a glowing, healthier, more radiant skin that appears flawless.
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